Waterline “How to” Video Series

Video Name Link
Types of PEX pipes
How to install a PEX supply stop valve
Install a washing machine outlet box
Cold X expansion fitting, how to install
How to install PEX crimp and clamp connections 
Push & Connect fittings, how to use and install
How to install push ´n´ connect supply stop 


Videos from our partners

Video Name Part # Link
Pull stop box Installation 3553/3550LL
Dundas Jafine indoor dryer 1719
Dundas Jafine dryer vents 1716W
Wingtite Shower Drain SD1000
Sammy X Press 1089SXP20
Korky Universal Flapper 54
Adjustable Ultra Water Saver Toilet Flapper 100BP
3” Premium Universal Toilet Flapper 3060BP
QuietFILL Toilet Fill Valve  10125 
PRO GRADE Toilet Fill Valve  10125PRO 
Korky Plus Adjustable Toilet Flapper  51 
Genuine TOTO 3” Flapper  2023FR 
Flush Valve Seals  435BP, 450BP
Genuine TOTO Universal Fill Valve  528GFR 
StrongARM Toilet Tank Lever 6050FR, 6051FR, 6070FR, 6071FR
Test Tee Mechanical Plugs TTMP2 thru TTMP6WF