LynCar/ Waterline News

APRIL 2024

LynCar releases a “New Product Showcase” catalogue. A pre-release of recently introduced items that will be part of our new catalogue.

APRIL 2024

LynCar welcomes Pierre Degagne to our team as our representative in Northern Ontario. He can be reached at 705 498 2032

MARCH 2024

LynCar and Waterline will be exhibiting at the CMPX show in Toronto from March 20th thru 22nd, followed by MEET 2024 in Moncton NB May 1st and 2nd.


LynCar welcomes Robert Sanson to our team as our representative in Saskatchewan. He can be reached at 306 537 0592


LynCar / Waterline welcomes Dany Simmons to our bilingual customer service team

JULY 2023

LynCar releases a new redesigned plastic access door. The snap plastic panel is adjustable. Two sizes are offered, to fit a door size from 6 x 6 to 12 x 12. Part # 320808 and 321212

APRIL 2023

LynCar introduces matt black finished products. Shower drains, shower rods, tank levers P Traps and more. Other items will follow in the coming months


LynCar introduces “Click it” style PO plugs, available in chrome and our new finish matt black. Part # 9988 and 9988MB

MARCH 2022

LynCar and Waterline return to the Canadian Trades shows with CMPX 2022 in Toronto


LynCar and Waterline expand the available selections of Cold X fittings.

JUNE 2021

LynCar introduces some unique items, the Gridster, converting a pop-up to a hair snare, part # 21821. The Magnetic finger, pick up nails, screw, nuts, from hard to reach places part # 62442 A new redesigned Spot Rite level part # 99SR