LynCar Inc.

LynCar Plumbing Website

The following items are just a few that are showcased in LynCar's Plumbing site:

Bubblers, Pantry Faucets, Pre rinse faucets, P-Traps, Continuous Waste, P.O.Plugs, Closet Bolts, Wax Rings, KORKY, FLUIDMASTER, Tank Levers, Flappers, Faucet Handles, Cartridges, Washers, O-Rings, Shower Drains, Shower Pan Liner, Heads, Arms, Flanges, Spouts, Valves, Q-Turn, Compression, Pushfit, fittings, Valves, Brass PEX fittings, Plastic PEX Fittings, Pipe Dopes, Gel Gloss, Repair Clamps, Ball Valves, Water Heater Products, Water Hammers, Beam Clamps, Hangers, Sammy Screws, Brass Nipplies, Chrome Nipples, Test Plugs, Handle Pullers, Specialty Wrenches, LENOX, CHANNELLOCK, MAXPOWER and many more.

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LynCar Fire Sprinkler Specialty Web

The following items are just a few that are showcased in LynCar's Fire Sprinkler site:

Accessories, Escutcheons, Valves, Fittings, Chemicals, Shop Supplies, Devices, Electrical, Pipe identification, Sprinkler Identification, Hand Tools, Cutting Tools, Pipe Hanging, FDC, Cabinets, Access Doors, Air Compressors Tank Mount, Air Gap Drains, Alarm Valves, Anchor Drop In, Antifreeze Glycol, Backflows, Ball Drip Valves, Beam Clamps, Berkley, Butterfly Valves, Wafer Valves, Channellock, Check Valves, Couplings, Dry Alarm Valve, Excess Pressure Pumps, Fire Extinguisher Cabinets, FIRE-XTROL Expansion Tanks, Gas Leak Detector, Swing Check, Glycerine Antifreeze, Head Cabinets, Lenox, Head Guards, OSY Valve, Pipe Markers, Pipe Strap, POTTER,Propylene Glycol, Refractometers, Sammy screws and many more.

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